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    BAJA 627

    Pain Relief
    - Clinical validation
    A recent study using the bilateral cinching mechanism of the
    Baja showed Patients average VAS pain score dropped by 41.2% immediately upon donning the device
    Delivers targeted pain relief directly to the lower spine
    - Integrated hot/cold gel pads
    Easily slides into the brace pouch for additional pain relief
    and comfort
    - Breathable spacer fabric
    Allows heat dissipation and quick evaporation
    - Contoured waist belt
    Fits comfortably around the rib cage and iliac crest
    - Lightweight
    Weighs less than 2 pounds
    - Slim profile
    Sleek design conforms to the body

    Home Delivery of this product is available

    For treatment of:

    - Herniated Discs - Degenerative Disc Disease - Lumbar Sprains and Strains - Spondylolisthesis - Osteoarthritis

    Application Instructions

    A quick video giving information on how to use this product.