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    The CompreFLEX LITE is an all new design in lower extremity compression. Utilizing Breath-O-Prene® fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the CompreFLEX simply slides on and wraps around the leg. We no longer include two cotton liners and a CompreBoot LITE with the CompreFLEX-LITE. Instead, we now include 2 mildly compressive silver-infused liners with every garment to improve the product's ease of use and overall value for patients.

    30-40 mmHg active compression, lower resting compression
    Medicare covered for ulcers under Code A6545-AW
    Ideal for mild/moderate lymphedema or venous insufficiency
    Soft and conforming Breath-O-Prene® provides a comfortable fit
    Easier to use than compression stockings, promoting a high rate of compliance
    Highly adjustable: use strap extenders to add 10 cm of additional circumferential size
    Durable fabric resists fraying and tearing
    Combine with CompreFLEX TC for full leg compression
    Includes 2 Mildly Compressive (10-15 mmHg) Silver-Infused Liners
    Latex free

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    For treatment of:

    Ideal for mild/moderate lymphedema or venous insufficiency