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    Kinetec Centura Shoulder CPM Machine

    The Kinetec Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine is the ideal choice for home shoulder rehabilitation.

    Quality of movements
    Synchronisation system
    Flexible and evolutionary machine
    Chair design made for easy set-up and transportation
    Provides post-operative passive range of motion.
    Prevents joint stiffness, oedema, soft tissue contractures and muscles atrophy.
    Patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with a colour-coded set-up system.
    Programmable hand control allows pre-programming 16 different protocols.
    Change for right and left is easy.
    Breaks down for convenient transportation; also includes a carrying case for detachable parts.
    The Kinetec Centura Lite includes as standard the Kinetec Data Capture.

    The Centura Lite is made up of 2 complementary and flexible machines making it possible to cover the most important movements of the shoulder and the elbow :

    Home Delivery of this product is available

    For treatment of:

    Post operative range of motion